Employee Recognition for Retail: The Complete Guide

Building better retail culture through recognition

This is a challenging period for the retail sector, with both small and large retailers facing problems with employee morale, recruitment, and retention.

In Employee Recognition for Retail: The Complete Guide, we look at:

  • How to improve retail culture

  • How employee recognition can help 

  • How to build effective retail recognition programs

  • And much more!

Free Retail Recognition Plan Worksheet


Not sure where to start with recognition? 

Our guide also includes a fillable 3-page worksheet to help you design, plan, and implement a tailored recognition program for your team!

Designed specifically for the sector, this step-by-step tool will help you:

  • Define your program goals
  • Evaluate your employees' needs
  • Choose the right platform 
  • Outline your budget
  • Plan your program launch
  • Track your progress

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