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We’ve worked with thousands of HR leaders to build the best employee recognition platform. However, it’s our commitment to amazing customer service that has earned us the highest ratings across major review sites.

Guusto is a leader in Employee Recognition on G2

All your recognition programs in one place

We power a wide variety of recognition programs with Mastercard offered in 160+ countries:

  • Milestone / Anniversary / Years-of-Service Awards
  • Real-Time Recognition / Spot Bonuses
  • Peer-to-Peer Nominations
  • On-boarding Programs
  • Wellness Programs
  • Goals
  • Quarterly & Annual Performance Awards
  • Birthdays & Holidays
  • Any Gift Card Program

Why you’ll love Guusto!

Simple & scalable execution

Start with a FREE account to quickly send/schedule up to 1000 rewards/order, and get to "AHA" in minutes, not months! Then run pilot employee recognition programs allocating budgets to different team members before scaling to the entire organization.

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Impactful, flexible & inclusive

Give your people the right employee recognition and reward software to consistently reinforce stellar work in real-time! Recipients choose where to redeem from 60,000+ merchant locations, so they actually get something they want. Web, mobile app and print-out options to ensure no-one is ever left out.

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Fair & transparent pricing

FREE single accounts to get started with our employee recognition system! Then only pay for Team Members you'd like to provide budgets. No confusing points systems with markups! No set up fees, shipping fees or minimums, and unclaimed gifts are credited back in full so you get the biggest ROI for every dollar spent on employee recognition!

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16X return on investment

Guusto’s employee recognition software can give your company an ROI of up to 16X your outlay. Recognition has been shown to drive gains in efficiency, productivity, and retention, as well as reduced absenteeism and onboarding costs.

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Aligned & engaging culture

Guusto’s employee recognition and rewards software will keep everyone aligned on mission, vision, and top priorities that move the business forward. Engrain core values into the fabric of your company culture. Build community and engage your people with peer-to-peer nominations, social feeds and leaderboards.

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Actionable Reports

Reporting that provides insights to guide your people strategy. Track your team's engagement, every reward sent, taxable benefits, and core value performance in a single employee recognition platform to better understand your culture, the impact of your employee recognition program, and where you can improve.

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Nearly 800 million people in the world lack access to clean water. We've teamed up with the One Drop Foundation (an initiative by Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil) to donate 1 day of clean drinking water for every Guusto gift sent.

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Paid annually
~ 2 free months
Paid monthly
How many team members do you have?
You don't need to load or pay for people that just receive gifts.

INDIVIDUALModernize reward programs


Just pay for rewards

Single user accounts

  • Milestones & anniversaries
  • Send or schedule 1-1000
    rewards per order
  • Web, mobile app & print-outs
  • Flexible redemption 60,000+ merchants
  • Insightful detailed reports
  • Custom branding

TEAMSEmpower your people






per Member/Mo

$150.00 Total/Mo - billed annually

per Member/Mo

$180.00 Total/Mo - billed monthly

  • Everything from INDIVIDUAL plus...
  • Allocate budgets to team members for real-time rewards
  • Visibility through social feeds
  • Align team around core values
  • Streamline reward approvals
  • Charity redemption options

ENTERPRISESupercharge Culture






per Member/Mo

$250.00 Total/Mo - Billed Annually

per Member/Mo

$300.00 Total/Mo - Billed Monthly

  • Everything from TEAMS plus...
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • HRIS Integrations
  • API
  • Automate Rewards
  • Custom redemption options

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